Week 7:

My painting is done. I plan to showcase it on Monday, June 3rd. I really love it and I hope everyone else will!
Week 6:

My painting is starting to come along. I have done the sky, the tree and the ground. All that's left for me to do is to paint the leaves, the sun and the moon. I plan to paint gradually over the next two weeks. All that's left is one or two painting sessions and then I'm done. I hope that people will love my work that I've been working on for the past week.
Week 5:

I have started to paint. I have only done the sky so far. I plan to paint on Tuesdays and Thursdays(and maybe on the weekends). I will continue to research ideas and tutorial videos to come closer to my final goal. A success that I have had is my sky is very cool. Unfortunately, the light side needs to be lighter and the dark side needs to be darker.

We are only 3 weeks away from finishing our projects. I hope that many people will absolutely love my painting because I plan to keep working super hard on it.
Week 4:

The time to paint is nearly upon me. I will obtain my supplies this weekend and start painting next week. I plan to paint a little bit each day: maybe 20-30 mins per day. I hope to succeed this time! I will continue to experiment to finalize my final idea.
Week 3:
Here is the link to my passion project test.
I have planned to do the Michael's run not this weekend but the next, and start painting that week. For the next few classes I will plan to keep experimenting with my test slide.
60 Second Pitch

Hello to you all. My name is Nash Toomey, and I would like to create a painting of a really cool tree that’s divided in half with different colors on each side. The reason I chose to do this is because I really like art(both types) and because I am in band, I am doing visual arts instead. I will need painting supplies from Michaels, a good paintbrush and potentially a canvas. The first step will be to find the perfect painting so I can do my own twist on it. The second step will be to decide what kind of paint I will use. The third will be to do a Michaels run. An obstacle I am anticipating is I won’t be able to decide what paint will be the best. Another is I might fail to successfully paint the tree. This project is worthy of your attention because I plan to put a lot of effort into this, and if someone fails to see that, I will be hurt. To sum up, that is my idea, and I hope you will love my passion project.
Week 2:

I have chosen my style of painting. I plan to paint something like this:

If someone has a suggestion on what paint would
be good for this, please let me know.